Glenbeigh strategically promotes health and healing throughout our multiple service communities. Caring for others and reducing barriers to treatment continues to be an integral part of our mission. 

Strategies undertaken are intended to: 

  • improve access to health care 
  • reduce barriers
  • expand understanding of addiction, treatment and recovery
  •  and offer resources that help people sustain recovery

Glenbeigh adopted the guiding principles of the Catholic Health Association in 2013 to direct our initiatives to improve community health while concentrating on substance use disorders.

In compliance with government regulations, Glenbeigh conducts its Community Health Needs Assessment on schedule with Ohio’s State Health Assessment. Glenbeigh’s Community Health Needs Assessment identifies important health issues derived from quantitative and qualitative data compiled through direct interviews, surveys and focus groups. The corresponding Implementation Strategy addresses health priorities identified through the Community Health Needs Assessment.

Glenbeigh’s is pleased to share the latest Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy detailing our community benefit goals. Strategies are rooted in our mission and designed to improve the health and well-being of people impacted by addiction.

Community Health Needs Assessment

A non-profit alcohol and drug rehabilitation hospital, Glenbeigh is committed to improving the health of our patients, helping families living with the impact of substance use and promoting the well-being of the entire recovery community. As a premier alcohol and drug treatment provider, Glenbeigh has the resources and experience to work collaboratively with private and public entities to address strategic health needs. Glenbeigh interacts with a multitude of community partners to respond to community health needs. Ultimately, our goal is to improve access to treatment services, enhance the health of people living with addiction, advance people’s knowledge of substance use disorder, offer treatment, and support recovery efforts to promote long-term recovery, which relieves government burden.

Glenbeigh’s most recent Community Health Needs Assessment was compiled between January and September 2022. The final document was approved by the Board of Director and executive leadership in October 2022.

The following reports provide an in-depth look into Glenbeigh’s current Community Health Needs Assessments and older publications. Each report includes the definition of the service area as well as the identified key health needs for the three year period.

Community Health Implementation Strategy

The Implementation Strategy is compiled within a defined timeframe after completion of the Community Health Needs Assessment. To create the Implementation Strategy, assessment information is analyzed to pinpoint the top health priorities that are in line with Glenbeigh’s mission. The key findings are then prioritized and utilized by Glenbeigh to guide community benefit initiatives and to engage partners to help address substance use related issues within our community.

The Implementation Strategy defines goals, objectives and action steps that Glenbeigh will take to address identified health needs. The following report details the planning process and the steps Glenbeigh is currently undertaking to address specific key findings. 

2024  Implementation Strategy

Glenbeigh remains committed to our service communities in many ways. Over the years, the most significant initiatives have been promoting:

  • Community Building/Activities and Partnerships
  • Community Health Improvement Services
  • Professional Education
  • Community Education
  • Family Education and Support
  • Recovery Support
  • Financial and In-Kind Contributions

The following Implementation Strategies provide a historical look at the efforts of Glenbeigh to improve community health. Substance use disorder remains among the top health issues within the State of Ohio and across the nation.

Print copies of Glenbeigh’s Community Health Needs Assessments and Implementation Strategies are available upon request. 

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