Glenbeigh is the best place to start your alcohol and drug rehabilitation. We provide you with the tools needed to lead a drug-free lifestyle and achieve a successful long-term recovery. It takes courage to seek help. More former patients refer friends and family to Glenbeigh for inpatient and outpatient rehab because we offer compassionate care. 

Comprehensive Substance Use Treatment

Glenbeigh understands alcohol and drug rehabilitation often requires an intensive level of care. Our Ohio based rehab center offers specialized inpatient treatment in Rock Creek, along with outpatient treatment available across northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Services include inpatient rehab, partial-hospitalization, extended care, sober living and regional outpatient treatment options. Here, you are cared for by an experienced team of specialists who understand first-hand the complexities of addiction and the recovery process.

Glenbeigh blends abstinence based concepts with professional medical and clinical practices, offering innovative ways to treat substance use. Your withdrawal is medically supervised and, while in treatment, medication may be used to ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. We offer holistic treatment, which encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health of our patients. Because we provide specialized care, your length of stay is based on individual need. We work with most patients who are on medications for substance use disorders. 

At Glenbeigh, we care about the unique needs of each of our patients and provide world-class treatment. When you have an alcohol or drug problem, the path to recovery does not come easy - but it is possible and attainable. People choose Glenbeigh because it is among the top, nationally recognized, addiction centers and the number one recommended for drug and alcohol rehab. 

Glenbeigh offers a full compliment of services to address the unique needs of our patients including:

  • Medically Supervised Detoxification (Withdrawal Management)
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Extended Residential Treatment
  • Family Education Program
  • Continuing Care Groups
  • Comprehensive Discharge Planning
  • Intensive Outpatient and Aftercare

Specialized Treatment

Glenbeigh believes that all individuals living with substance use issues can fully recover and begin new, meaningful lives. Based upon this belief, our commitment is to provide treatment that is tailored to meet the needs of each of our patients. Specialized treatment programs address in-depth the different dimensions and elements of specific populations. 

Specialized Treatment